Monday, March 4, 2019

Dr. Seuss Movie Night (Free Popcorn Boxes)

We just finished a fun week of with all things Dr. Seuss.  You probably know we love movie nights and we love our popcorn boxes.  The contain the popcorn mess (and fighting) and they add some extra movie night fun!  We also used these for our read-a-thon.  If you don't love popcorn they are also the perfect size for other snacks.  We watched Horton Hears a Who  but any movie would work.

Print on cardstock and follow the instructions below.  I do have to apologize some of the boxes have a white background in my effort to make them a little more ink friendly however it makes the folding lines hard to see. I promise they aren't to hard, we had to slightly adjust a couple of creases when we went to tape them together.

I had plans of taking some pretty amazing pictures of them in use but we were having to much fun and I forgot :)  So here's a sample of some of our other popcorn boxes in action and you'll just have to click on the download below to see the adorable prints I used this time!  Happy movie watching!  Oh and I'd love to know your favorite Christmas movie...let me know in the comments:)

Amazing clipart used with permission from  MyClipArtStore

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