Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Leprechaun Writing Activity

The holidays make every activity a lot more fun!  We added some writing practice to this adorable leprechaun craft.  Your class will love answering the question "If I found a pot of gold I would..." and you will love hearing all of their answers. 

 To make the leprechaun print the 2 pages in the download below.  I used regular printer paper but cardstock is also a good option.  Use the space on the pot to answer the question.  Depending on the age they can draw or write their answer.  The leprechaun above was made by my 5 year old practicing her writing skills.  The cute little one below was made by my 3 year old.  He said he would buy a bathtub for outer space.  I'm pretty sure his answer was inspired by big sister haha.
 Give them time to color, paint, or decorate their leprechaun.  Then cut (depending on age) and glue him together.  Super cute and easy! 

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