Monday, March 4, 2019

Dr. Seuss Preschool Fun (free printables)

We love Dr. Seuss and always look forward to celebrating his birthday with a week of fun!  It's such a fun preschool theme and with so many books the themes are endless.  Here are some of the fun activities we did this week and you can download all of our awesome printables for free!

Have you tried directed drawing yet?  This was our first time and it was so much fun!  We found this one here.
My 5 year old did amazing!  She had a lot of fun adding extra details to her drawing.

You can't tell from this picture but this little guy loved it.  He followed the first 2 steps and then enjoyed drawing his own way.

Big sister joined us for this project and my kids are asking to do this again!

The drawing did stop-she drew her own hat :)

Next we worked on the letter X sound.  X is a little tricky to teach because there are not a lot of words that start with x.  So we used words that have the letter "X" in the middle or end.  We played this awesome "feed the washing machine" sock game.  I can not take credit for this awesome idea.  I found it adorable idea on the blog Izzie, Mac, and Me.  To play this game she used a game from Amazon that is no longer available.  So I created my own (included in the download before).
 Cut out the washing machine and the opening.  Place in front of a box or something with an opening.

 Print and cut out all the socks and sound clip art.  Each sock pair should have one picture that has an x sound and one without.  You can glue the pictures to the back of the socks or I attached them with velcro so I can use this game for other activities.  I did laminate and print everything on cardstock.
 To play spread the socks out and have your little find a pair of matching socks.  Look at the pictures on the back and find the one with the letter X.
 Our washing machine only likes socks with the letter X sound.  Feed the letter X sock to the washing machine and set the other one aside.  A little laundry basket would be cute.  Continue playing until you've found all of your socks.  My kids loved pushing the green button to start the washing machine.  They played several times.  For younger kids not quite ready for sounds you can  you can have them find the matching socks and feed both of them to the washing machine.  My 3 year old loved playing this way.

Dr. Seuss Counting Mat.  We love counting mats and they are a great way to work on one-to-one correspondence.  For this one we rolled a dice and added the correct number of candles.  To make it a little harder and work on early addition skills we used two dice.  I also included number cards that you can use and fit perfect in the box and a cake without the Dr. Seuss so you can use it for any birthday theme.

 Dr. Seuss Roll and Count Game.  There are 2 Version of this game that use one or 2 dice.  Roll the correct number of dice.  Find the correct number on your mat and cover with a pop pom or other manipulative.  We used our gator tongs to add some extra fine motor practice.

 We tried a Cat in the hat science experiment from  Toddler Approved.  It was a lot of fun trying to mix vinager and oil.  We didn't have any red food coloring but this bright blue was a fun substitute.

 We finished off the day with a read-a-thon and movie night. You can find the popcorn boxes here.

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