Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Truffula Trees Number Hunt and color sort

Your kids will love these Dr. Seuss Inspired activities.  Hide the Truffula tree number cards around the house and send your kids on a number hunt.  I included numbers 1-20.  You can use all of them or for younger kids up to 10 works well.  

After have them put the number cards in order.  

 You can use Truffula Seeds (sweetart jelly beans) and place the correct number on jelly beans to match the number on the card.  To make it even harder have them place the correct number and color on the card.  We went up to 6.  
 For my little guy we sorted by color only.  I gave him a handful of seeds and he placed them on the correct color.  The jelly beans aren't the exact color but they are close enough to work :)
 I also included a recording sheet which is a great way to practice hand writing and number formation.  Place it on a clipboard and let them carry it around while they search for numbers or use it after all the numbers are found.

Adorable clip art from  Dressed In Sheets and front from Kimberly Geswein Fonts 

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