Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentine Don't Eat Pete (monsters and llamas)

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You may have noticed we love the game Don't Eat Pete.  Its a fun game that kids LOVE to play.  I mean who doesn't love candy?!?  But it also teaches sharing, working together, taking turns, and so many other social skills. I've included 2 different boards today that work with a Valentine theme.  They may not seem like the obvious choice for a Valentine's Day theme but who doesn't love llamas and adorable monsters.

If you've never played here's a quick how to:  Print off the board game...cardstock works best.  Place one piece of candy (candy corn, m&m's, Cheerios, or whatever you have) on each llama.  Send one person to out of the room and quietly decided which one is going to be Pete (or Val) for that round.  Lets say you pick the one in the center.  Have the person come back into the room and eat one of the pieces of candy off each character UNTIL they pick up the one chosen as Pete (in this case the one in the center).  When they pick up this candy everyone yells "Don't eat Pete!" and their turn ends.  Add candy to the ones taken on the last turn and play as many times as you want picking a new Pete each time. 

I've also included a sweet Monster Edition of Don't Eat Pete because there are some cute monster books that go perfect with Valentines.  We have The Tickle Monster but  Love Monster would also work perfect.
Print and you are ready to play

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Adorable graphics from Krista Wallden - Creative Clips and Teacher Karma 

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