Saturday, March 9, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Don't Eat Pete!

It's time for another Don't Eat Pete! Its a fun game that kids LOVE to play.  This month its all about leprechauns and isn't he adorable?!?

If you've never played here's a quick how to:  Print off the board game...cardstock works best.  Place one piece of candy (skittles, jelly beans, Cheerios, or whatever you have) on each leprechaun.  Send one person to out of the room and quietly decided which one is going to be Pete for that round.  Lets say you pick the one in the center.  Have the person come back into the room and eat one of the pieces of candy off each character UNTIL they pick up the one chosen as Pete (in this case the one in the center).  When they pick up this candy everyone yells "Don't eat Pete!" and their turn ends.  Add candy to the ones taken on the last turn and play as many times as you want picking a new Pete each time. 

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