Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rainbow Soup

Rainbow Soup is a fun, interactive way to practice colors and several math concepts such as counting, one-to-one correspondence, and sorting.

To play you'll need:

  • the recipe cards included in the download
  • the 10 frame (optional) included in the download
  • a pot, bowl, or something to put your soup in.  I used a cauldron from Halloween but I've heard you can find them this time of year too.
  • a spoon
  • manipulatives for each color.  I used foam blocks and pom poms.  
  • optional-tongs for extra fine motor practice and a container to hold your color manipulatives.

There are several recipe cards included.  Every card has 2 colors and clouds.  They all add up to 10.
  I included a 10 frame that works as a way to self-check their work.  They place each ingredient into one of the squares to make sure they have the correct number of ingredients.  If there is an empty box they will know to go back and check their work.  You do not need to use the ten frame, you can have them count their ingredients and make sure it adds up to 10.

After the ingredients are ready dump them into the pot and stir to make rainbow soup!

 Then the kids empty the pot, put the colors and clouds back by sorting, and grab a new card.

 You can also have them create their own recipes!  Set some paper out and add a writing element to this activity.

Adorable graphics from Krista Wallden - Creative Clips, and Fonts by Hello Literacy

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