Thursday, March 16, 2017

Don't Eat Pete Spring Edition

This is a holiday version of the classic Don't Eat Pete game.  If you've never played here's a quick how to:  Print off the board game...cardstock works best.  Place one piece of candy (m&m's, Cheerios, or whatever you have) on each of the little birds.  Send one person to out of the room and quietly decided which of the birds is going to be Pete for that round.  Lets say you pick the one in the center.  Have the person come back into the room and eat one of the pieces of candy off each bird UNTIL they pick up the one chosen as Pete (in this case the one in the center).  When they pick up this candy everyone yells "Don't eat Pete!" and their turn ends.  Add candy to the ones taken on the last turn and play as many times as you want picking a new Pete each time. 

I make one in color so its already to go or you can print the black and white one and color it yourself.  Its a fun activity for your kids.  Mine loved coloring their own, especially with the cute little patterns on each one.

Download your copy here

Have fun!

adorable graphics used with permission from here.


  1. I loved the color version but for some reason it printed out with black boxes around the birds. So sad.

    1. HI Sylvia I'm so sorry that happened! I'm not sure why it did that. If you want to try printing it again try downloading it first and then print from the download. I've also hear on other site people have had the black box issue and its often when they try to print from a tablet or mac but downloading, exit out and then use the download to print seemed to help. I can always email it to you and see if that helps as well.