Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weekend Roundup: General Conference ideas

Its that time of year again...General Conference.  I am posting this weeks "weekend roundup" a day early to give you a chance to put together what ever activities you choose.

I posted what we are going to do yesterday (find it here).  

Here are some great ideas I found this week, I'm using a few of them in our General Conference basket. What traditions do you have?  I'd love to know.

 Five Little Chefs idea is just awesome.  Each bag has a few facts and activities to go along with each apostle.  Its a great way to connect with the speaker.

Little LDS Ideas has a lot of fun ideas for Conference.  This go fish game is just too cute and so fun.

Rachel's Book nook has the cutest bingo game.  We used it last time and will be using it again.  Its my kids favorite.  She also shares an idea to play reverse bingo that we just might have to try.

Fab n' Free has a great printable for taking notes.

Heap a Hoopla's General Conferece activity pack is so fun.  We are using a few pages from this.

I found this on Pinterest but the link doesn't work.  I'm guessing every time you hear the word on the jar you get a treat.  This is perfect to keep your kids not just in the room but actually listening.

Another cute Bingo.  This one is from Chicken Scratch n Sniff 

Here's another one from Little LDS Ideas lots of fun worksheets.  I'm excited for the I spy game.  (Check out her Sundae idea in this post as well.  It sounds fun!)

This looks like a really fun basket from We love Being Moms 

Word search from Someone in Mind and more Live Craft Eat.

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