Tuesday, March 28, 2017

B for bear day

I love doing theme days and sneak in learning through play.  This was from a little while ago but too cute not to share.  There are a lot of fun ways to teach the letter B

We started our day watching Teddy bear picnic Song then had our own picnic. It was raining outside so the living room was a fun alternative.

They watched a Diego episode about spectacle bears while they ate
for a snack we had bear shaped sandwiches.  I did add a little jelly as well for the ears and cheeks
We read some bear books together and they looked at them for a while after.
Played with blocks
 Made a B bear-Here's Livy's before she added a dress
 Livy's and Aubrey's
They played Barbies in  a bubble bath while wearing their bathing suits
We made these fun animals found here.  We were only going to do the bear but they wanted one of each.  Aubrey decided to take a break and will finish hers later.  Livy loved doing this.
 I hid 10 bears around the room and the girls went on a bear hunt.  I thought I took some cute pictures but they turned out blurry-I'm still trying to get use to my new camera.
We watched this video about a brown bear, ateBrazilian rice and Beans for dinner, and had Triple Berry cobbler for dessert.
It was a fun day! 

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