Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Jesus Christ will Come Again (primary 2 Lesson 43) Primary Lesson Helps

Here are some fun activities to go along with Lesson 43, Jesus Christ will Come Again.  (You can find the lesson here)

Review Activity:  I decided to go with a Christmas theme :)  Print the tree and the sheet of ornaments and question page (optional).  Cut around the ornaments and star.  These go with the 5 questions in the lesson.  I did add some extra ornaments for those with larger classes.  You will need to come up with additional questions for the extra ornaments used.  
Before class hide the ornaments around the room.  Have the kids take turns hunting for them.  When one is found ask the coordinating question.  Once answered correctly glue or tape the ornament to the tree.

 Game & Enrichment Activity Number 3- Share the Parable of the 10 Virgins and quote (included in the download).  Explain that as we follow Christ we are adding drops oil to our lamps and preparing for Christ's return just like the women in the parable.  Play the following game.
Prepare: Print one board (lamp) per person, (black and white , and 2 per page option now included), Print and cut the cards.  Place the cards in a bag and mix them up.  You will also need to bring something to cover the circles ex. m&ms, cereal, or even buttons.

 To play pass out a lamp to each person.  Take turn drawing a card.  If it is a good action "add a drop of oil" to the lamp (cover one of the circles with the candy or item you brought).  If the action is not good then no action is taken and move on the the next turn.  Keep playing until everyone fills their lamps.
For the older classes I included a couple of zap cards.  If you draw this one then you have to clear your board!  There are also a few blank ones in case you want to add some of your own.

Enrichment Activity #4:  And here is a cute coloring page with space to draw a picture of how they can prepare for the second coming.  I did necklaces last week so I thought I would keep it simple.

Download the lesson helps here and here

Here's a cute idea found on Chicken Scratch N Sniff (She also has a really cute coloring page): Have some fun by challenging your class to drop "oil" into their jars. Grab a jar and some clothespins. As each person says one way they can prepare for Christ's second coming, they get to hold one clothespin at their nose and try to drop it into the jar. 


  1. Just found your site. Your lesson helps are fantastic. They are some of the best I've seen, and I use a LOT of lesson help sites. Thanks so much for your time, efforts and sharing your helps for free!

    1. Heather thank you so much for your kind comment! I really appreciate it and thanks for stopping by :)