Sunday, February 19, 2017

President's Day mini pack and activities

Update:  All activities are now posted!  I found a few mistakes but I think they have been fixed.  That's what I get for posting before testing right :)  Let me know if you find any more please.  Anyway I hope you find a few fun things to do!  We are still working away and having a great time.

Alright I'm doing something a little different today.  I'm not quite done with this post but I'm going to share it right now anyways.  Blogging and holidays are a little tricky and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do it.  I made some fun printables for you to use on President's day and don't want you to miss out.  I also included the books we will be reading (in our case watching) and a link to the craft project we are going to do.  I'll add pictures after after we make it :)  I also have a few more fun activities planned that I will be posting  tomorrow (they are not quite as "President's day" specific but work great with this theme or any time of the year) so come back!   

Pack #1 Contains:
Your kids can write or draw their answer.  (black and white also included if they would like to color it)

Mini Research project.  I'm excited to start teaching my girls how to research.  You can also help younger ones with this activity.

Science experiment worksheet.  I'll be posting more info below.

Pack #2 includes a word search.  My older kids love these.  (color and b/w included)
(I'm sorry if you downloaded the word search earlier there were 3 words missing from the puzzle..liberty, flag, and star.  Not sure how it happened.  The list has been updated.  I used a generator to make the puzzle and don't love the quality. I'll be looking into other options next time.  However the kids did enjoy this puzzle regardless of the errors. :))
President Lincoln Letter Hunt for the younger kids 
(my 3 year old LOVES these so I had to make one!)

 A fun recipe.  Did you know today is actually cherry pie day as well.  
This goes along with the story of George Washington cutting down his fathers favorite cherry tree when he was a boy.  When his father asked him if he did it he said "I can not tell a lie."  While this story is probably not true it is still a great one that has been used through out history to teach this important lesson.

Books: Duck for President, Abe Lincolns Hat (We do not own but I found them on youtube)
Song: The Presidents Song

We did this project found here...its the last one but there are quite a few cute ones.  We did not have paper plates so we traced a small dinner plate (saved us from painting too).  Also it comes with a template.  Sometimes these can be a little tricky or time consuming especially with younger kids.  I had some carbon paper and it did the trick.  I only had to print one template and we passed it around.  Even my 3 year old could trace her own patterns.  It made it a lot more doable for her and the older girls thought it was really cool.

We are also going to put together these adorable books I purchased here.

I originally saw this on pinterest but the blog doesn't exist any more.  So I kind of winged it :)  We filled 3 jars...1 with only water, 1 with soap and water, and 1 with salt and vinegar.  We dropped 5 dirty looking pennies in each and predicted which solution would make the pennies the cleanest/shiniest.  We check after 10 minutes and made some observations.  Then again at 1 hour.  At 1 1/2 hours  we took the pennies out and dried them off with paper towels.  We determined which one worked the best.  I had some surprised kids.

graphic used with permission from Sarah Pecorino,  Mr and Mrs Brightside, Teacher’sPalette

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