Wednesday, February 1, 2017

S is for snowman

Here's our first preschool theme post on this blog.  I'm so excited about this.  I hope to share these weekly with you.  To make things easier on myself I like to pick a letter and a theme for the week.  These posts will include our letter craft, printables I used/make, any crafts, songs, and activities we do that fit in with the theme.  (We sometime do additional activities or crafts just for fun but those will be posted separately.)  I did this with my older kids when they were young and they loved it and I look forward to adding preschool to our routine with my 2 little ones.  So you will probably get a mixture of new activities and occasionally some posts from our old preschool blog.  Hopefully you find some fun activities for you and your little one.

 I always like to introduce the letter and read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Let them help you read it and make a big deal pointing out the "letter of the week."

S is for snowman craft.   

You can always let them get creative.  This one looks like is ready for a beach.  I know I am.

I used this cute snowman printable found here.  
I really like to figure out multiple skills I can teach with every activity we do.  So With this one printable we did three different things.
Each snowman has a number on his hat so we put them in numerical order and practices number recognition.
Next we worked on one-to-one correspondence using buttons.  For example on the snowman with the number 3 we put 3 buttons on him.
For the last activity we worked on colors.  I covered some of the numbers with different colored buttons.  I gave her a handful of buttons and she matched the color to the correct snowman.  We stuck with basic colors but this is a great activity because there are so many different shades.  It really makes them think.

Story Time and Craft

We read this cute book and made an itsy bitsy sock snowman

We found the idea and instructions here.  

We changed the supplies list a little but you can find detailed instructions on her site.

Here are a few things we changed.
1. We used white kids socks and colored toddler socks for the hats.  
2. We did not use rice to fill the bodies.  Instead we filled the bottom of our socks about 1/4 way up with dried beans (so he would stand) and the rest with stuffing.  We finished at the ribbed part of the sock.
3. We did not have mini pom poms so we used an orange pipe cleaner for the nose. 
4. For the face we used a black sharpie.  It seemed much easier then paint for my 3 year old. As you can see she got a little creative with her snowman.

And this one has temporary hair.  I love letting my kids make it their own.  

I put together a Match game, letter match, and puzzles, and sizing games.  I just used free clipart to make them.  You can Download a copy here.  The larger snowmen on the sizing activity are not as crisp as I had hoped but it still works :)  Here they are in action.

Snowman Matching Game (print 2 of page 1 on cardstock)
Mini Puzzles (print page 1 one cardstock) Cut out and cut in half.
Letter Recognition- I made a lowercase and uppercase page for this one.  Use one or both (page 4 & 5) page 2 (I recommend cardstock for this page) has your letters.  Cut out the letters you need.  You can have them match lowercase to lowercase or lowercase to uppercase however you want to do it.

I didn't get any pictures of the next two activities

Sizing-Print page 3 and cut out.  put in order from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest.

Snowman Hunt-(used our sizing snowman)  Hide the snowmen around the room and let your little one find them.  You can also play hot and cold. We would count them and put them in order from biggest to smallest each time.

Additional activities that would be fun from our blog.

clip art used found here.

Here are some of the books we read. (These are affiliate links-we own and love all of these books)

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