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How to make a beautiful chunky framed farmhouse sign

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This was my project for the "Pinterest Challenge"  I host on my facebook page each week.  Its new and we'd love to have you join us.  (Find more info here.)

This project was inspired by the amazing free cut file from Kimber Dawn & Co. I instantly fell in love with the font (it's handwritten! so amazing) and overall look.
If you do not have a cutting machine you can still use the free file.  Dowload the .png option and open in word or something similar.  Then follow the directions on this post to paint your sign :)

This sign was built a little different from the typical framed signs you see everywhere right now. 

Here's one I build for my little guys room.  Yup love them.
 However I had this long thin board sitting in my garage and just begging to be used. Not exactly ideal to try and nail a board to the side.  So with a little tweaking I was able to build this beautiful chunky framed farmhouse style sign.  The best part is it is crazy inexpensive and so light. And I seriously love the thickness of this frame.

The board I used was the super thin plywood you find in sheets.  I think this one was around $6 and we cut 5 or 6 good sized signs out of it.  This board is very thin but long so I have enough for another good sized sign.  We borrowed a table saw to do the cutting but any type of saw will work.  

Here's what my board looks like.  You can use any size.  I'm sure other wood would work too just the thinner the better.  You'll see why at the end.

I painted it black (or whatever color you want your words)
Download the free cut file (found here).  Measure your board and cut accordingly.  My board was about 6 inches tall.  I cut my words so they are about 4 1/2 inches tall.  You want at least  1/2 an inch all the way around your board to attatch the wood.  
Apply your vinyl
Paint the board white (or whatever color you want it).  Be careful around the edges of the letters.  Its better to brush away then towards the vinyl.
Once its dry peel off the vinyl.  Sand it to distress to your liking.
Now for the frame.  For the Frame I used a 1x2x8 also called .  They are only around a $1 and depending on the size of sign you only need one (I used less then 1/2)

I made this up as I went so I don't have a ton of pictures.  Please read through before you start and let me know if you have any questions!

This is where it gets a little tricky but not bad.  Here's what your final cuts are going to look like (refer to this in case my explanation isn't great). The wide part of the board is what you see.  It is actually glued directly to your sign that is why you need at least 1/2" around that board.  

If you cut 2 small sample from the end of your 1x2 board it helps so much when measuring.  They only need to be a couple of inches long. Lay your sample boards across the top and bottom in the position you want your top and bottom frame to go.  Measure from the top to the bottom to determine the height of the side boards.  Cut 2.  
(Sorry I don't have pictures I was making it up as I went-here's a little help)

You will repeat the same steps to find the measurements for the top and bottom board.  Place your side frame boards where you want them and measure the distance between to determine the length.  Cut 2.  Refer to picture below for exact spot.
The top and bottom boards are about 1/2 inch on the wood.  The sides were completely on the wood.

It is easier to glue when you have more board/sign under you frame.  However, I would not recommend going all the way to the edge on the sides.  I did and this is what mine looks like.  Not too pretty.  It will be in a spot where you can't see the sides so I'm not worried about it but  just wanted to give you a heads up.  You can also stain that little piece too to make it blend in more.  This is also why the thin boards work better as well...less bulk in the back.  You can't see anything under the top and bottom where they are only on the board a 1/2".  It took a little more patients to glue but its secure. 
Once you have your wood cut you are going to sand and stain (or paint) it.  I used my favorite stain Jacobean by Minwax.

Once its dry use some wood glue to attach the frame directly to your sign. (This Glue is awesome) make sure you you do the 2 ends of the top and bottom pieces as well.  It will keep your frame nice and tight.   I put all the pieces where I wanted them to go and worked my way from top, bottom, side, side.  You will need to hold each piece in place for a minute or 2 before you move on (especially if you have less wood under it like I did on the top and bottom).   Let it dry for a couple of hours.  
(you can also use a nail gun going from the back to the front. Just make sure your nails to do not go all the way through.   I don't know how to use mine and my husband was at work.)  

Back view

 I can't wait to add this style of frame to more of my signs!

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