Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to create a 5 minute Scrapbook layout with PicMonkey

Did you see yesterday's post on creating a Scrapbook page in PicMonkey for Free?  Well if you are looking for something even easier and create it in about 5 min then this is a great option for you.  Its also done with PicMonkey and Free!

Here's my layout and the hardest part is picking the pictures and deciding where I want the snowflakes.

Head over to PicMonkey and this time we are going to use the collage option.  It will create the layout for you and you just have to drop your pictures in.  Its great.

 Click the add images button and choose your pictures.
 I love that they sit on the side so you can see what you have to work with.
Next choose your layout.  (its blue on my screen)  You want to stick with something square.  Square Deal, Biggie Small, L-egant,  are all great options.  (tile boarder & Jigsaw work well too but are part of a paid subscription)  Choose a layout with the same number or close to the number of pictures you want to use.  
 Then go back to your pictures and drag them to your boxes.
 You can move them around within the box and also size your picture to fit how you want.  Click that little icon in the middle of your picture.
 This is why I like using collage-you can actually edit each picture.
 You do not have a lot of flexiblity with changing the layout but you do have some.  I'm not sure if you can see this picture below but look in the center by my arrow.  You can drag a picture to an area that is not a box.  It gives you limited options on size and places but you can get it to work for you.  you can also delete existing boxes to really create your own look.  So you are not limited by the layouts they show you.
 Here's the downside of using collage-if you want a background color you are limited to a solid color and you need to do while you are still in the collage mode.  Its the bottom icon.   You can also change spacing and round the corners. I chose to keep mine white.
 Before I move on to the next step I want to mention the 3rd icon.  If you have empty boxes you can add some of their cute paper to fill it.  Here's a quick sample.

Okay back to the tutorial.  Once you are happy with your layout you want to click on export to editor.  Once you do this you will NOT be able to change anything you have done.  This becomes your background.
 For this layout I used the Themes icon (2nd to last).  I was able to pick cute fonts (found at the bottom) and some embellishments that went along with my snow theme.  If your layout does not fit a theme you can use the overlay (the butterfly) and text icons.  My post from yesterday goes over these options in detail if you need some help.
 Once you are finished save it to your computer.  You can upload and print at your favorite place.
 Here's the final product one more time.

PicMonkey is a really great option especially if you do not have a program to use.  Its free and you don't have to download anything to use it.  I love that!  The biggest issue is you can not save it and work on it later.  Once its saved you can not change what you have done.  Also if you have not save your work and lets say your one year old shuts off your computer your work is gone and you have to start over.  Believe me I know from experience.  Did you notice the small difference in the last 2 pictures of the tutorial?  This happened and i didn't get it exactly the same the 2nd time.  Good thing its quick.

I'll be continuing this series for the next couple of weeks.  Some of the posts will include where to find backgrounds, cute embellishments (and how to use them), great places for fonts, best places to print, how to make a printable, and a little about projects life.

Here's yesterday's post 

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