Friday, February 10, 2017

Story and Craft for "Crocodiles Need Kisses too"

It's a Snip-o-dile, snap-o-dile, very scary crocodile!  
This is such a cute book about a little crocodile that is born early and is all alone.  He goes around looking for someone to love him.  But every time he gets close to the other animals they yell its a Snip-o-dile, snap-o-dile, very scary crocodile!  The sweet little guy finds his momma at the end and gets his "lovely, snuggly, crocodile kiss."

To go along with the book my kids made some heart shaped animals.  They turned out fun and my 3 girls really enjoyed making them and being creative. 
We found inspiration here and here (this one has an adorable alligator that my kids were trying to copy). 

crocodile (3 year old)
 It started out as a fox but I think ended up a bear (3 year old)
 another crocodile (8 year old)
 I love the heart shaped teeth she cut out
 Lion (11 year old)

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