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V is for Valentine Free Preschool Learning Pack

Our Next Preschool theme is V is for Valentine.  I am doing things a little different this time.  I will normally post everything (learning packs, crafts, activities, songs, etc.) in one large post after we complete the unit.  That makes it easy to find it when you need it.  However we will be working on this theme through Valentine's day and didn't want you to miss out this year.  So today I'll be posting our learning pack that we will be using.  I just finished it yesterday and love it!  We've already tried a few out.  I will post all of our other activities and crafts as we go.

You will notice a lot of similarities between each learning pack in regards to the activities we do.  I like to reinforce these important skills and being familiar with the format seems to help.  Of course I like to mix it up sometimes as well.

V is For Valentine  

 I always like to introduce the letter and read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Let them help you read it and make a big deal pointing out the "letter of the week."

I have three different downloads this week each have a few different activities. I'll let you know what is in each of them so you can choose what activities work best for you.  I really like to figure out multiple skills I can teach with every activity and printable we use so I'll be sharing those with you too
(There is no watermark on the download)

Learning Pack #1
Contains our cute "Letter Poster" for the week.  I hang it on the wall and we practice the letter sound and recognition.

It also has a coloring page, heart matching game, lacing card, and counting cards.
Page 1 & 2.  Coloring page and letter poster I print on regular paper.  

Page 3 Heart matching game Print 2 copies on cardstock.  You can also print a few more and work on patterns.
You can also use this for mini puzzles.  Print an extra and cut each heart different ways.

Page 4 Lacing activity print on cardstock and hole punch around the edge.  I included some white circles to give you a guide but you can add more or less.  Also you can laminate for durability. 

Page 5-7 gumball counting cards.  Print on regular paper or cardstock.  I like to cut them apart and use them for multiple activities.
Here's how we use the counting cards. (Its the same way we used our snowman cards).
Each gumball machine has a number on it so we put them in numerical order and practices number recognition.

Next we worked on one-to-one correspondence using candy hearts.  For example on the gumball machine with the number 3 we put 3 hearts on it.

For the last activity we work on colors.  Cover the numbers with different colored hearts (you will only need 4 or 5 cards for this activity).  Place a handful of candy on the table and sort by color.  This also works well with buttons.  Here's an example below with our snowman cards.

Learning Pack #2

Letter Recognition- I made a lowercase and uppercase page for this one.  Use one or both (page 3 & 4) page 1  has your letters (I recommend cardstock for this page).  Cut out the letters you need.  You can have them match lowercase to lowercase or lowercase to uppercase however you want to do it.  I save my letters from each week and only cut out the letters I don't have.  If you do this you will eventually have a full set and won't have so much to cut!

Sizing-Print page 2 and cut out.  put in order from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest.

Snowman Hunt-(used our sizing hearts)  Hide the hearts around the room and let your little one find them.  You can also play hot and cold. We count them and put them in order from biggest to smallest each time.
Download Learning Pack 2 here

Learning pack #3
Is our Letter Book.  I'm so excited to add these each week.  My daughter loves her book!  Cut along the black line and staple all of your pages together.

Download your Letter V book here

Credits:  I used clip art and graphic by: For his GloryMelonheadz, and clipart kid

Additional Items from other great bloggers we are using
Shape File folder Game from Itsy Bitsy Fun

Extra lacing cards.  From Living Life and Learning.  I printed out the zebra and the cupcake

Watch for our other Valentine Crafts and Activities!

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