Thursday, February 9, 2017

9 of the sweetest books about love

We have a sweet little collection of books I've purchased over the years.  They are not all about Valentine's day but are all about love and they are so sweet.  I get teary eyed reading many of them.  I have a basket in my living room where rotate our books. I love when I can add holiday or season books to the pile. My little ones love to look through and pick their favorites. They really enjoy all of these books. 

This is my very favorite and I especially love reading it to my babies.  The pictures are gorgeous and I seriously can't make it through with out crying. 

I just read this to my kids and we laughed through the entire book.  Its a good one.
You can find our activities we did with this book here.

My little ones favorite.  Its so cute.

You can click on the image to take you to the amazon listing for convenience.
*(these are affilate links-they do not cost you any extra but I am paid a small percentage if you purchase.  I own and love all of these books) *
I do buy some of my books from Amazon but also from book orders.  If you have access to them its a great way to fill your own home library-if the teacher does online ordering you are not limited to the flyer.  They have so many books at great prices available.  I also check thrift stores. You can always  borrow them from the library or I like to check you-tube if I have a specific book in mind-sometimes you get lucky and can find it and my kids think anything on the computer is pretty great.

What are some of your favorite Valentine/love books?

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