Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rustic Fall Sign with Metal Letters (Tutorial)

This sign is quick and easy.  I found a metal banner at Hobby Lobby for $6 and knew it would make a fun sign.  To start I found a board large enough to fit all the letters.  I didn't realize how big this would be.  I ended up using a 1x12 board that was cut to 32 inches.  I would have loved to spread them out and done one line but this was the longest board I had so I made it work.  

Stain your board and cut, stain, and build your frame.  (You can find a quick tutorial to build a frame here).  To attach the letters I used Gorilla Super glue.  You just need a little on each.  
I decided to leave the twine on my letters for some texture but you can pull it out and some nails would be cute.  I cut and hot glued the ends into the corner of my board.
 That's it.  Other then drying time it was really quick and full of rustic goodness.

 and my little one wanted to join in.  This show how big this sign really is.

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