Friday, September 29, 2017

Free October Preschool Calendar Cards

Aren't these cards the cutest?!?  Use these for your preschool calendar or counting activities.  The possibilities really are endless.  

The cards alternate 3 different graphics and is a great way to teach patterns during calendar time.  My little one likes to guess what the next picture will be.

There are in a convenient pdf download at the end of this post.  Just print  and cut!  I suggest cardstock or laminate for durability.  They are size at 3"x3" and may fit your pocket calendars.  If not I added the .jpeg version of each card to my exclusive download folder.  You can download and size the cards to your needs.  These are for personal use only please.  You can access it by signing up for my newsletter over on the sidebar.

Here's how we use ours.  Its not fancy but it works great.  (find details here)

Download your free cards calendar cards here.

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