Thursday, September 21, 2017

A is for Apple Preschool Theme

We had so much fun with theme!  I have to apologize, I did a terrible job at taking pictures this week.  We did so many activities and when I went to upload pictures for this post I realized I forgot to take pictures of half of them.  Don't worry I'm still share everything we did.

Our letter A poster used on our preschool board.  We talked about lowercase and upper case letter A and drew both in the air.  We practiced the sound and pointed to each picture saying "a a apple" or "a a alligator."  (download at the end of this post)

Letter A apple tree.  To make the apples I clipped a cotton ball on the end of a clothes pin.  The idea was to use it to make polka dots.  The girls thought it made a great paint brush and most of their tree and paper turned red.  I think they enjoyed it.
Their very favorite activity was "making apple pies."  Its homemade cloud dough with a little apple pie spice.  We added cookie cutters for a little extra fun.  You can find the cloud dough recipe here and a ton of other great apple ideas.
Apple Person Craft.  I wanted to practice using glue and maybe a little cutting for this activity.  I had a basic apple shape, leaf, and stem cut out.  I gave them some wiggly eyes, markers,  and construction paper. I showed them the general idea of where things went and told them they could decorate their apple person however they wanted.  They went crazy cutting their apple with the shape scissors and some of them ended with not much of an apple left.    
Apple Hunt:  Sorted by size and color.  Apples are included in the download at the end of this post.  
The apple baskets are not needed but so cute and found this cute pack from Teaching Differently.  I printed and laminated 3 of them.  
I actually printed the entire game. Its a great way to practice following directions, colors, and sizing. The kids loved it.

Match game:  We  play a match game after we read a book about Johnny Appleseed that I found in this adorable Johnny Appleseed pack from Royal Baloo.  Its in the prek pack page 3.  Print 2 on cardstock.  
What color is my apple coloring book:  Also from the same pack-prek pages 11-21

Apple Muffins-Recipe from Simple as That
We made an apple volcano (sorry I didn't get any pictures of this one) but we found and followed the directions from this post.

Letter A Book (download at end of post).  Print, cut a long the center line and staple.

Finally we walked through an apple orchard.  

A is for Apple is such a fun theme and there are so many ideas that I wish we could have spent another week on this theme.  You can find lots more ideas on our Letter A Pinterest Board

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