Wednesday, September 27, 2017

B is for Body Preschool Theme

The next couple of letters will be mini themes.  We are a part of a mommy preschool group meaning we rotate houses and it won't be my turn to teach for a little while.  I still like to do a few fun activities on the days she home.  During our letter B week we focused on how our bodies work and the really cool things it can do.  We also played with barbies, blocks, balls, and bubbles all week!

We read this book from Usborne.  You probably know someone who sells these or I did find it on Amazon. (Affiliate link)  I was surprised how much my 3 year old loved this book.  We spent a couple of days on it and would discuss each page.

Letter B Poster! Also comes in black and white and is perfect for a coloring page.

My Letter B book.  Print, cut along the black center line, and staple.  Your little ones will have fun coloring and reading their little book.

I a fun activity that focuses on the letter B and the cool things our bodies can do.  Print the page (there is a boy and girl option) and get started.  After each activity is completed let your little one cross it off.  If you are using it to teach the letter B I like to say something like "I can read a book b b book" (not quite sure how to write that but you will be saying the b sound).

 The activities include: Read or look at a book, hit a balloon, blow bubbles, ride a bike, bounce a ball (or throw), balance on one foot, & bend my knees and elbows.  You can do all of them or just pick a few.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Coloring page from here. Cut along the lines and practice and use it as a puzzle.  We love this song and did it slow and fast.

Trace Body-I had this on my list but was so happy when she did this at preschool.  If you don't have large paper (like me) head outside and use sidewalk chalk.

Baked Blueberry Muffins from a Box.  Crazy hair not required :)

I hope you found some fun ideas and you can find more Letter B ideas on our Pinterest Board.

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