Thursday, September 14, 2017

Be-You-tiful Activity days

With school starting again and quite of a few of them entering middle school or in their last year of elementary school I knew I wanted to focus on positive self esteem and also building up other.    I love the phrases "be-you-tiful" and "be your own kind of beautiful."    That's the direction I took this activity and we also tied it into the 13th article of faith.  It can be used to pass of the first activity under preparing for young womens.  

To start I followed some of the discussion from this activity (it fits in with this theme perfect and gave me the idea for the rest of this activity-her activities for this theme are really cute too).  We discussed what they think it means to be beautiful and then moved in to the question "how does knowing you are a daughter of God change the way you see beauty or you see yourself?"  From here we went over some of the attributes mentioned in the 13th article of faith and some ways we can "seek after" these things.  There is a great quote that ties this in well in the link mentioned above.

After our discussion I showed the girls this video.  (If you are using this in an activity days setting I would suggest checking with someone to make sure they are okay with you showing it just because it's not a church video).  I remember the first time I saw it on facebook I had tears running down my face.  She is amazing and great example.  It fit in perfectly with loving and accepting yourself, being positive, seeinging your own beauty, and its really what's on the inside that makes a person beautiful.  It is also a great way to lead into the topic of being kind to others and seeing their beauty.  The girls were zoned in and grasped what I was trying to teach them.

I wanted to show this clip below but our church's internet wouldn't let me open it.  I was sad.  I think it will now be a family night lesson :)  It fits perfect.  I hoped to use at the end but it is a great option to open with as well.  For this age group I planned to show until about minute 2:06is.  The rest is amazing for older girls.  

After we taped a piece of paper to the girls backs. We had them go around the room and write a compliment on everyone's paper.  It could be something they admired, thought they were good at, etc. The girls loved this activity and really liked seeing what others wrote about them.  With this age group you may want to give them a few ideas before you set them loose.
We then gave them this worksheet below to fill in and color.  They filled in the "me" letters with the compliments from their friends and I asked them to add a few thing they liked about themselves or thought they were good at. (idea from here.  I ended up making my own page to add "I am")   Download your worksheet here.  I printed them on cardstock.

Our final project was painting a frame to hold the cute printable I found here.  To size I saved to my computer and opened into word.  I was then able to size it fit the frame and print multiples on one sheet.  The frames were $.97 from walmart. Every frame turned out bright and colorful but different.

I wasn't sure how this activity would go.  It wasn't elaborate and there was a little more discussion then I normally do but I was very impressed how involved the girls were in each part of the activity. As a mom of 3 girls (2 that are getting older) this is something I worry about.  I hope they always can see their potential and that they are their own person and that's what makes them special and beautiful.

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