Friday, September 22, 2017

Ideas to teach the Number 2

Here are some fun ideas to teach the number 2.  I mentioned in the #1 post that I find it easier to teach numbers in a set like 1-5 then add numbers up to 10.  You'll find lots of those activities in our preschool letter/theme posts.  This is more about recognizing what the individual numbers looks like and its value. I'm going to try and add activities specific to the number in the post but many can easily be adapted to any number. Here are some fun ideas I thought of and found for the number 2.

The number poster I created for our preschool board.  It was visible all week. Every poster comes in color or black and white.  Save on some ink and color yourself or use it as an adorable coloring page for your kids.

Download number poster here

Sand writing: here

idea found here.

The next 2 cute ideas were found here
Two Color Paper Chains: Make a paper chain by rotating two colors. For example, red, blue, red, blue.

Noah’s ark: This would be a great time to share the story of Noah’s Ark, emphasizing how the animals marched two by two.
-Some additional ideas to go with this theme: pull out the stuffed animals (or stickers, figurines, etc.) and find a match.  Line them up two by two. 
-Animal crackers for snack and line them up two by two.
-Cute free printables to retell the story found here.
-I love this adorable preschool pack found here.  She has a lot of cute pages that you can use to count to the number two.  I liked this one below.

Another fun theme would be pointing out all of the body parts that we have two of...ears, eyes, arms, etc.  Have the kids draw a self portrait.

You might recognize some of these from my Number one post but they are great learning tool:
Number Tracers worksheets from here

and this fun I spy activity found here

Number Rhymes that teach formation found here


Print this number two template and add two stickers

I'll be adding to the number poster download and sharing some more ideas to teach individual numbers as we go.  Also check out our preschool themes for more counting and math ideas.
You can find our number of the week posts here.

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