Monday, September 11, 2017

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Preschool Theme

I'm so excited to share our first preschool post of the new school year.  We are going to be doing a letter a week and once we finish up I'll share all of our fun activities in one giant post.  If I get a little antsy I might share a few fun downloads a little early.   We joined a little mommy and me group so on my weeks expect a ton of activities and ideas.  On our off weeks we will still be doing our own preschool at home but on a much smaller scale.  Also sometimes my older girls and little guy like to join in so there may be a few grade school and tot school activities or modifications thrown in.  

Now that all of that info is out of the way our first theme was based on the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I went with a general introduction of the alphabet with an emphasis on the letter in her name.
To start the week we read the book, pointed out letters, and sung our abcs.

I found this fun Board Game here.  Its editable!  I used the letters from her name and we identified upper and lowercase.  It was played over and over.  Also a good way to practice numbers and counting with the dice. 
Coconut Tree Number Mat (Find our post & download here)  This was a favorite.  We used tongs (great for fine motor skills) but you don't have to.

Introduced our Coconut Tree on our Preschool Board (found here)

Hand print Palm Tree.  There is nothing more exciting to a 3 year old then getting to paint her hand.  

Paint hand and wrist

Then stamp on the paper.  Paint and stamp hand a few more times to create the branches.

Dip finger in brown paint and and use fingerprint fro coconuts.  Decorate with Alphabet stickers.  They chose to stick them on the bottom but anywhere on the tree would be cute.

Alphabet puzzle.  I bought this alphabet puzzle a while ago at the dollar store. I love that it helps her learn to recognize the letters and the order but its pretty overwhelming. There are too many pieces (obviously 26) and difficult shapes. To make it a little easier and so she can be a little more independent I wrote the letters on the board. This will give her some help while she is still learning how to put a puzzle together and the Alphabet. I will eventually change the letters to lowercase to give her some additional practice and eventually erase it all together. Right now this is working for us.

Letter Hunt and Dot Page (dot page found here almost at the bottom of the post & Letters are included in the mini download at the end of post).  I hid about half of the letters and sent her on a number hunt. We did the other half the next day.
She the found her letters on her dot page and stamped them with her dot markers.

Letter Sensory bins using puzzle pieces.  If you don't have a puzzle you can use the letters from the activity above.

Even this guy had fun scooping and dumping.

Mystery Letters (idea from here).  This was such a fun activity and so quick to put together.  I wrote the letters in her name on a white piece of paper with a white crayon.  She used some water colors to uncover the mystery letters.

I love her face when she discovered a new letter.

Color Match Game-(Download in mini pack below) Print two on Cardstock

We played ring a round the rosie but substituted the words.  We would sing part of the ABC's then yell chicka chicka boom boom.  On the last boom we would fall down.  (we did A-G, H-P, Q-Z)  It was a big hit.
Practice Rhythmn-  slap (hit knees), slap, clap, clap or slap, clap, slap, clap.  increase and decrees speed.  We said chicka chicka boom boom over and over.  

We watched this YouTube video found here.

Additional ideas I found and love but didn't get to
Stem idea found here

Number Bingo found here

So many cute ideas on this site.  This is my new go to for ideas. 

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