Thursday, September 7, 2017

Teaching the Number 1

I really think it is difficult to teach numbers individually it just seems more natural for me to teach 1-5 or up to 10.  My little preschool group decided that we should teach each number individually and I do think there are some benefits to doing it this way.  For example most of them can count to 20 but they don't recognize the numbers when they see them.  This week I taught the number 1.  Here are a few ideas.

The number poster I created for our preschool board.  It was visible all week.

Download number poster here

We wrote the number 1 in the air, on the white board and used the following tracer page for extra practice.

Number Tracers worksheets from here

We used our Dot Marker for this fun I spy activity found here

We did the Hokey Pokey but changed it up by "putting one arm in" or  "1 leg in."   This was a big hit. 
Turn on some music and hit 1 balloon in the air.
Another idea I had but we didn't get to was to use this number one template and let the kids paint it with one finger

I'll be adding to the number poster download and sharing some more ideas to teach individual numbers as we go.  Also check out our preschool themes for more counting and math ideas.

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