Friday, April 27, 2018

Superhero Day & Free Popcorn box Printables

Tomorrow is National Superhero Day.  Its one of those fun holidays I didn't know existed (you can find our fun holiday calendars here.)  Here are some fun ideas that would be perfect to celebrate this awesome holiday.  Don't forget to grab your FREE popcorn box templates at the bottom of this post.

Superhero Training Day-Fun day of crafts and activities

Dress up as your favorite hero

Have a photo shoot and use it to create a sweet Father's Day Gift.
It says "Some people don't believe in superheros, but they haven't met our dad."  You can create this using Picmonkey with the collage option.

Try out these superhero pita snacks.

Finish up with some superhero movies of course!  Add some awesome popcorn boxes and Hulk Punch (aka green koolaid)

I have four options for you.  Download the templates and print on cardstock.  

Here's a quick how to
Fill with popcorn or your favorite treat.

 I've noticed I don't need to go all out for my kids to be excited and have fun.  Honestly they would be happy just watching a movie but I love the look of  excitement and joy when I add a little something extra.  

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