Friday, April 20, 2018

Free Unicorn Counting Counting Cards (4+ ways to use them)

We are having so much fun with our U is for Unicorn theme.  Keep watching for new posts with more unicorn activities and printables.  I love today's post because these counting cards are so cute and can be used in so many ways.  I'm sharing several ways we've used them but I'm sure you've got some great ideas too! Lets just jump right in

To use: Download your cards (link at the end), Print, and Cut.  I suggest printing on cardstock and laminating.  My kids have been using these over and over and even jumping on them and they still look perfect.

The first idea is to use them as classroom decor.  They are so cute and your little one will love seeing and counting the cards. 

My main purpose in creating these cards was for a counting activity (its just like our feed the penguin activity) only this time we are feeding the unicorns. 
We used fruit loops.  I discovered anything rainbow is perfect when talking about unicorns. :)  If the card has a number 6 place 6 fruit loops on the card.  

After we played this game I found this fun cereal and we've played many more times with this one.

Use the cards as playdough mats.  Roll out the number or roll little balls and place the correct number on each card.

Musical chairs or Freeze dance: Place the numbers on the ground.  Turn on some music and dance!  Stop the music at any time and your little one finds a card to step on and then freezes.  Have them shout out the number and start the music again.  It's also fun to mix up the numbers and have them run to the number one first, the number two second, etc.  

Some Other ideas: flash cards, put in order from biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest, my kids laid them on the floor and played hop scotch (yelled out the number they landed on), build a number (ex. put a one and two together to make twelve).

We also used them for our unicorn number hunt.  This was a favorite!  You can find the post and printables here. The number cards are included in that download too. 

I hope you love these unicorn counting cards as much as we do.  

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