Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Despicable Me 3 Movie Night & Free Popcorn Boxes

Every time I think of any of the Despicable Me movies I can't help but think of sweet Agnes and her unicorn.

So with our current unicorn preschool theme Despicable Me 3 was perfect for our family movie night.

My kids have been loving our popcorn boxes and I love the size of these things.  Its just the right amount for younger kids (my older ones get seconds), if it spills its not a crazy mess, and the best part is no one is fighting over the bowl or someone eating too much...maybe this only happens at my house :).  Also they make our movie nights feel a little more special so I made some to go along with this movie (well any of the 3).

Are you ready to make some for your family?  Click and download the Free PDF below.  Pick your favorite boxes and print on cardstock.  There are 4 pattern options. 

 Cut along black lines, fold white lines, and glue or tape together.

Fill with popcorn or some yummy treats.

Enjoy your movie!

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