Saturday, April 21, 2018

I am a Child of God FHE

For Family Home evening we are working our way through the April 2018 General Conference talks.  This week we used the talk  Am I a Child of God? by By Elder Brian K. Taylor.  

Here is the outline I used (it's included in the download). It's brief but there is a little more info below. Add or take away anything to fit your family and the inspiration that comes to you as you read through the talk.

The story of Jen is under the heading “The Most Powerful Knowledge I Possess.”

The Ask question and word strips come from the section under the heading "Seeking to Know God, Our Father"

I like to cut the quotes apart and pass them out for others to read.
I love the counsel Jen received to write "I am a Child of God" and repeat it 10 times every day.  This activity was inspired by that.

I also like to include a free printable that we keep on display for the week to remind us of our lesson.  A 5x7 print is included in the FHE Pack download  but if you only want the print click here for the 5x7 or here for the 8x10

Adorable graphics from mycutelobsterdesigns

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