Thursday, April 12, 2018

Free Unicorn Number Hunt

Your kids will love this fun Unicorn Number Hunt game!  It combines hide-n-seek with some fun number recognition.  

This Free Download includes these adorable number cards (0-9) all ready for you to print and cut.  I printed mine on card stock and laminated.  We are using them for a few other activities so I wanted them durable.

 Hide them around the room and let your little one go on a unicorn hunt.

After you find them you can use this cute tracker to match up the numbers.  They can be colored, use dot markers, or crossed out.  You can also laminate it and cross out with white board markers to use it over and over again.

Once your done keep the learning going by putting the numbers in order, let you little one hide them and you find them, or use them as flash cards.  I'll be back with some more fun ways to use these cards so keep them handy :)

Find more unicorn ideas here (we're adding more as we go!)

Find the unicorn counting cards here

Adorable graphics from Instruct and InspireJen Hart Design, and Krista Wallden-Creative Clips. Fonts from Hello Literacy

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