Saturday, April 28, 2018

Precious Gifts from God FHE

We are working our way through April's General Conference talks for Family Home Evening.  This past week we picked President M. Russell Ballard's Talk "Precious Gifts from God." It has so much counsel that I didn't want to leave anything out.  (Find the talk here.)  This week for our lesson we went on a treasure hunt to learn more about some of the precious gifts our Heavenly Father has given us.

Going with a gift theme I made 8 presents, each with a gift that was mentioned in the talk. I did include a black and white set if you want to save on ink and color yourself.
 I also picked a quote from each topic and the are sized to fit behind the coordinating gift box.
Download the FHE pack below.  Cut around each gift and quote.  You'll need to match the quote with the coordinating present and tape it to the back.

They will look like this.
Hide the gifts around the room and let your kids find them.  We did one at a time and read the gift and the quote. 
This page is also included in the download.  I taped mine to a cookie sheet and we used magnets to attach the gifts to it.  You can also tape or glue them to make it more permanent. 
Continue until all the gifts are found.  Ask what are some other gifts from our Heavenly Father.

I always like to create a printable that we leave up all week as a reminder of our lesson.  This one is included in the download.

or you can find two other options here

You can find our other General Conference Family Home Evening here.

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  1. I needed put a Relief Society Lesson together quickly on this talk and was glad to find your resources. We talked about each gift, and it was a small group so I gave sisters the option to color on the coloring page during our discussion. Now that I have everything printed, I'll use it for FHE tomorrow too. Thank you!