Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Super easy Superhero Cape

My 5 year old LOVES to dress up like a hero.  You should see some of the crazy outfits she comes up with.  I love it.  Well it came as no surprise that she wanted to be a super hero for Halloween this year.  I was completely on board because I knew this costume would be used ALL YEAR.  This would be a great Christmas present for your little hero.

 To make one you need a large t-shirt (I used a men's XXXL- it was on sale.)  Some felt for fabric for the applique, Velcro, and a button (optional)

Lay your shirt flat and with a yard stick draw a line from the color to the bottom corner of the shirt.  Cut along that line and to the same on the other side.  (only cut through one side of the shirt-the other side can be use for another cape or a different project)
For the neck you can keep the entire existing collar and just slip in over their head or if its too big you can cut your own.  Use the collar as the basic shape but cut down far enough so your two ends will reach comfortably around your little ones neck.
Pin and sew Velcro the ends of each side.  If you don't want your Velcro stitching to show sew a button directly on top of the Velcro stitching so you see a cute button instead.
For the applique.  Cut out what ever design you want.  Felt is great because it won't fray. 

 Pin your design on your cape and sew in place.  If you are using fabric a zigzag stitch will help with fraying.

 Now try it on your little one and watch their imagination run wild.

I'll show you a quick way to make the hero shirt and mask soon.


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  2. Love that! I've been wanting to make my son some kind of superhero cape since he loves lots of superheroes. Yours turned out really great!

  3. I love this cape, and even more I love that it's not too difficult to create!

  4. What a great easy tutorial! Thanks for linking up with Fantabulous Friday!