Monday, November 15, 2010

baby keepsake frame

 I've noticed over the years that I quickly forget how little my girls use to be and I wanted a way to always remember when they were born.  So I came up with this cute way to display their newborn pictures and all of their birth stats (what mother doesn't love those two thing?)
Here's what I came up with.
Here's how I made it.  I bought an 8x10 frame with a matte.  (Matte optional but helpful.)  My frame is from Walmart for $2.50
I painted the frame white
 Then distressed it with sandpaper.
I picked out some scrapbook paper that matches their room.  Use the matte as a template and trace around it on the back of your paper.  (If you don't have a matte you can measure and cut one out).  Then cut it out.
Here's your two pieces.  Then glue your scrapbook paper on your matte.
I sanded the inside edges of my paper to make it look a little more smooth.
Now choose a picture (both of mine are from the day they came home).  You can do this next part in any program you want.  I used Microsoft word.  I opened a new document and pasted my picture.  I cropped and sized it to 5x7.  Then insert a text box.  Type in your information, change font, size, etc.  Then remove fill in box and remove outline.  Change color and move it to the spot you want it.

It will look like this
 Print your photo on photo paper and cut it out.
Assemble your frame and you now have a beautiful keepsake of you sweet little one.
Here's a close up of each