Monday, November 29, 2010

Mufin Tin advent Calendar

Sorry for the long absence.  We are moved in and almost unpacked and my girls are almost better (flu for the last week. yuck)  My Internet was just set up and I'll be playing catch up for a little while with e-mails and checking out your blogs.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Don't forget about the special going on in my shop it ends tonight.  You can find more details in the Little Reminder section above.

Today I want to share a fun and simple advent calendar.  I know I'm a little early with this project but I just love Christmas.  My kids are finally getting to the age where they are excited and I want to make this December really special for them.  You may have already seen these muffin tin advent calendars but I thought I would show you how I made mine and also what I'm going to fill it with. 

Start with a mini muffin tin (at walmart for under $5).
Cut out 24 squares from different pattern papers.  (I used 4) Each square is 2 1/4 inches.  Round the edges and ink them (optional)
Cut out 24 2" circles from red cardstock or another solid or patterned paper.  If you don't have a punch or a cricut you can always cut squares to make it easier.
Glue your circles and squares together.
Add magnets to the back.  I used the pack that comes in long strips and just cut them into small pieces.
Decide on a pattern.
Add your numbers.  You can use paper (like mine), stickers, rub-ons, stamps, or whatever you have on hand.
You now have a really fun Christmas advent calendar. 

Each spot is just big enough for a little treat. 
I chose to add little slips of paper with a different activity written on it.  Here's the list of activities I'm going to add

1. Make Sugar cookies
2. Read and act out the Nativity
3. Sledding
4. Watch a Christmas movie (elf, I’ll be home for Christmas, etc.)
5. Deliver cookies to neighbors and friends
6. Visit Santa and daddy’s work party
7. Letter to Santa
8. Ward Christmas party
9. Put up Christmas decorations
10. Decorate Christmas tree
11. Pick out new Christmas ornaments
12. Play in the snow
13. Christmas shopping
14. Look at Christmas lights
15. make Christmas ornaments
16. Read a Christmas book
17. Reindeer food
18. watch The King is Born
19. Deliver Secret Santa gifts
20. Make Christmas Cards for my brother (he's on a mission)
21. Make and drink hot coco

I have some Christmas crafts for my kids and anything else that comes up to fill the rest of the spots.

I'm so excited I have this done early with enough time to plan our fun activities.  It seems like the month just flies by and before we know it Christmas has come and gone.  Hopefully with a plan we will make time to enjoy all of the fun things I always hope to get to each year.


  1. My brother's on a mission too! (Seattle, actually) That's a great Christmas activity, I'll have to add that to mine! Where is your brother?

  2. Hooray Crystal! You got your internet back! Did it magically start at 5:00?
    Cute muffin tin...I love Christmastime too...but it usually slips by too quickly for me!

  3. What a great idea! I have never seen this advent muffintin calendar. I'm going ot share this on my blog "Holiday Projects" at
    Here's a quick link to get there:

    Thanks for sharing!
    I love your site....