Saturday, July 25, 2015

Super Hero training day

We had a fun day (well couple of days) training to be a super hero!  
We worked on our throwing skills (like Captain America of course).  We tried throwing the Frisbee as far as we could and the practiced accuracy by seeing who could get the closest to a target. 
We strengthened our lungs by blowing lots of bubbles.

We worked on our quickness, balance and strength with balloons.  First game the girls had to keep the balloon in the air but had to alternate turns.  We then made it harder by saying you can only use your foot, or your head.  After they tested their strength to see if they could pop the balloons.
 A few days later they tested their speed and flying abilities on the slip n' slide.
 We also build special hero cars out of legos (not sure what to call them).

Finally every super hero needs a mask.  We used the free template from here.  The girls decorated them however they wanted.  We used felt, markers, and hot glue.  The mask helps with your cool tricks and moves.

We finished up with some super hero movies of course!

You can find some more fun super hero ideas on my Letter S pinterest board.

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