Saturday, January 27, 2018

Letter P preschool mini pack

Here are a few fun ways to teach the letter P.  I like to do these three activities with every letter I teach.  They do not take much time but are great for review and I find having some consistent activities work well for my little one.

The first activity is a Mini Letter Book.  Print in color or black and white.  Cut across the line and staple.  Cover page is included.  I keep all of mini books together for review and my little one loves that she can "read" her books.
I usually print the black and white to save ink but also it makes a fun coloring book.  It a cute way to make their book just a little more personalized.  Don't worry there are no watermarks on the downloads.

Here's our letter poster.  I print and leave this out all week.  We go over each picture and say the letter sound.  For example parrot-p-p-parrot.  This also comes in black and white (makes a really cute coloring page) and a color but no boarder version to save on some ink.  Just print what you need.

The third activity is our tracer page.  I don't really do a lot of worksheets at this age but my 4 year old thinks its pretty cool to have "homework" like her big sisters so this is perfect.  You can also laminate and reuse it.

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