Monday, January 22, 2018

Beauty and the Beast Preschool Crafts

I remember watching Beauty and the Beast when I was a little girl and I love that my kids now enjoy it...the classic and new one.  When I asked my 4 year old what she wanted to learn about she quickly replied Beauty and the Beast.  So we spent a few days doing crafts and some learning activities.

Enchanted Mirror Craft.  

This was a favorite and they turned out so cute.  
I used this free download and printed on card stock.  I printed an extra to use as a template for the center of the mirror...not necessary but very helpful. 

Color and cut out the mirror.  Cut out the center of the extra mirror and wrap it in tin foil.  We just taped it to the back.  You can tape it directly to your mirror or...
Just tape the top so it can flip open.  They colored the center to show Belle sad.  My 4 year old went around saying "show me the girl" and flipping it open.

Enchanted Rose Hand and Finger Painting
This is one of those crafts that I had something in mind but my little creative girl wanted to put her own spin on it.  You can find the inspiration for this project here.  Its not always easy to let go of my ideas but it is so worth it.  She loved creating this picture and spent so much time making it perfect.  

Here's a quick how to...Paint your little ones hand and make sure to get everywhere!
Stamp it down on your paper.  I had her leave it there and I pushed around the top of her hand to make sure we got a complete hand print.  We learned this after our first attempt didn't work out so well.

Dip fingers into the paint and make falling petals.  From here you can paint your stem and draw your glass case

BUT this is where she decided it need more and the glass case would ruin her flower.
Here masterpiece!
Beauty and the Beast Preschool activities.  I often make several of our activities but I found so many cute ones that I decided to save some time and use their amazing printables.  
I went through and picked some that were at her skill level and thought she would enjoy. 

Inventor's Challenge!
This worked perfect for my elementary aged kids but my preschooler was able to do it was well with some modifications.  
I gave them the assignment to find 5 items in the house and create an invention.  There were no other instructions provided.
Here's what they came up with.  It's a soccer game :)
As an extension to this activity I created this worksheet they can fill out before they begin their challenge.

We finished off our mini Beauty and the Beast unit with a movie night.  It was such a fun theme I think I'm going to have to let my little on pick more often.

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