Saturday, January 13, 2018

Preschool Kite Crafts

If you are following along with our January Holiday Calendar here are a few fun ideas for International Kite day tomorrow!  They are also perfect for any kite or spring activity.  These were originally posted on our old preschool blog and are still some of my favorites.

Personalized Kite Collage
This might be one of my favorite craft we've done.  It took a little prep work but the result is an adorable picture of your little one flying some kites.  
 I printed out a picture of each girl and cut it out. (I tried to choose ones that they were looking up). They colored three kites and I cut them out. I then had them glue their picture at the bottom of the page, with the kites in the sky.  Then I helped them draw lines to continue the kite tails to their hands. We glued a bunch of cotton balls for clouds. I really like how these turned out and they thought it was so fun that they were "flying" kites.

 Paper Kite Craft

This is such a simple craft but it really lets their creativity shine.  We made a little kite with card stock, stickers, string, and ribbon.  Cut your cardstock into a square and turn so it makes a diamond.  Hole punch the bottom corner and add your sting.  Decorate!

We took it outside and with some wind it kind of flys.  Either way it made for one happy little girl.

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