Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Let Your Light Shine FHE

This week for Family Home Evening I turned to "The Friend" for inspiration.  The message from the First Presidency was by President Monson.  (You can find it here)

I read some of the message and we discussed what it means to let your light shine.  We decided it means to be a good example and follow Jesus's example.  

For the activity part I created this little worksheet that I could easily print for each of my kids.  Its based off the page that goes right along with this message.  In the large center star they can draw or write how they can be a good example, help others, or any way they can let their light shine.  The little stars around have scriptures about Jesus Christ's example. As they read them they can color the star.

We each picked a star and looked up the verses and shared it with each other.  If you have older kids it would be fun to do a scripture chase and see who can find it first.  

 You can download a copy of this worksheet for your own FHE here.

Graphics used with permission from Creative Clips

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