Friday, January 5, 2018

B is for Bird Letter Craft and Shape Bird House

If you printed out my January Holiday Calendar you just might remember it's Bird day!  

We'll be playing this bird edition of Don't eat Pete and doing a little craft that I'll have to share after we finish it. 

 I did run across these two preschool crafts we did a few years ago and haven't shared yet.

The first is a Letter Craft.  I love these!  Its such a fun way to introduce a letter, sound, and theme.  I keep all of these and we are working towards having a complete ABC book one day.

I cut out a large B, a wing, and tail feathers.  They glued it together and colored however they wanted.  We added a googly eye and drew on a beak and feet.
Olivia's Bird
Aubrey's Bird
Simple and Cute!  

The Second is a Shape Bird House.  This is a fun project that teaches a few different skills-my favorite kind.

I cut out a large rectangle, triangle, and two circles for each girl.  We practiced colors, shapes, and following directions.  I showed them where to glue their shapes to make a bird house and let them do it.  (I only helped Livy add glue she did the rest).  I then gave them markers and stickers and let them decorate their little bird houses.

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