Monday, January 8, 2018

Free Baby Crochet Skirt Pattern

 There is something so sweet about this little skirt.  Its soft and can be customized so easily.  

If you know a few basic crochet stitches you can make this!  Today I'm sharing the Newborn size for Free with you!!!  If you are looking for more sizes, some fun variations, a lot more detail (and I should mention FREE!) check below the pattern to find out how to get your full copy of the pattern.

Let's get started!

Supplies needed:
J hook for skirt,  H hook for drawstring
Worsted weight yarn (My favorites for this skirt are vanna’s choice, I love this yarn, or red heart super savers they are similar in weight and wash well)

Each round is sl st to the begging chain 2
ch 2 counts as 1st DC

ch  Chain
Sl St  Slip Stitch
SC   Single Crochet
DC  Double Crochet

*Please note all babies are shaped differently.  My sizing was based  and tested on average sizes found.  For best result measure your babies waist and add or take a few stitches away for best results (or download the full pattern and use closest measurements-check below to find out how!).  You can always add a few extra stitches to give yourself some wiggle room.  The draw string helps with accurate fit.

newborn- 12" waist
Chain 32, sl st together
Round 1: Ch 2, DC in next st, * Dc* round Join w/ slst at top of first dc ( 32dc)
Round 2:   Ch. 2, DC in next DC,  *DC* round  Join w/ slst at top of first dc  ( 32dc)
Round 3:   Fold two rows in half and sc the two rows together ( 32sc). (waist band created) 

waistband complete.  It should measure approximately 6" laying flat
(if its a little bit bigger its okay.  Draw string is used to help with best fit.)

You will now be working off the bottom of waist band for the remainder of the skirt

 Round 4: Ch. 2, DC in same st.  DC in next stitch,  *2DC, DC* round, sl st.
Round 5-8: Ch. 2, DC in next st., *DC* round, sl st. 
Round 9: Ch. 2, DC in same st. 2DC in next stitch, *2DC*round, sl st. and Fasten off.

Draw String
Leave a 1 inch tail. Then using an H  hook chain 100.  Fasten off and leave another 1 inch tail.
Find the front, center of the waist band (the folded over rows of DCs)  Use your hook and pull one end of the tail through the waist band.  When you reach the other side leave 1 or 2 stitches between your end and starting point.  Even out and tie.

As a special thank you for stopping by you can receive the full pattern for free by signing up for my newsletter.  You can quickly sign up on my sidebar.  Don't worry I only send emails when I have something awesome to share with this!  If you've all ready signed up (Thank You!) check your latest email for the link to my exclusive prints.   If you need the code again or have any problems downloading the pattern please contact me.  

So what's included in this pattern?  Sizes Newborn up to 12 months, picture tutorials and helps for the waistband and drawstring, 5 different edges making it super versatile, and a headband pattern.

 Adorable Headband found in the pattern

Some of the Alternative Edges found in the pattern

If you do not want to sign up for the newsletter you can purchase the full pattern in my etsy shop at a new low price.

Happy Crocheting!

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