Monday, April 17, 2017

Preschooler Morning and night routine Chart

I have tried countless charts and reward systems over the years.  They were cute, fun, and didn't work.  I think the reason is they were to complicated or required to much effort or supplies on my part (stickers, treats, etc.).  After a couple of days they were forgotten.  This time I kept it simple.  Its all on her and it gives her the choice on the order.  The end result is it all gets done and she is learning responsibility.  There are no rewards involved (unless you count using a marker).  

Here's how it works.  Print your routine charts.  There is a boy and girl option. I like to print on cardstock.  Then add to a sheet protector. I just used one and we flip it over.  Use a dry erase marker to cross off each task.  When you are done wipe it off with a paper towel.  Download here

Here's a sample of the charts.  The boy and girl one have the same tasks.  I did add bath time to morning and night routine because we switch it up.  We just automatically cross it off if we are not going to do it at that time.
boy bedtime-Prayer, brush teeth, get in bed, pajamas on, bath time.

Girl morning-top left get dresses, brush teeth, eat breakfast, bath time, bottom right brush hair
For the most part I let her pick the order.  There are a few that have to be done before the other but she doesn't seem to mind.

Once its done cross it off.
and start the next task.
Its not fancy but its cute and it works!  I've been testing it for a few weeks and this girl still loves it.  She is one that hates to have her hair done, doesn't love to eat in the morning and now she does it with out much of a thought. The habits are being formed in a fun way and it has made our mornings and night so much easier.

Adorable graphics used from: Melconheadz Illustrating , Teacher Karma, Whimsical Inklings, Bilingual Scrapbook, and My cute Graphics.

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