Thursday, April 13, 2017

Descendants Birthday party or movie night (free printables)

This year my daughter asked for a Descendants birthday party.  It was a lot of fun but it was hard to find ideas and decorations so we came up with our own.  If you kids that love Descendants like mine do there just might be a few fun ideas for you.  I like to keep my parties pretty simple so this would also be a fun family movie night watching the original or the 2nd one that comes out this summer.  If you haven't seen this movie I think its a really fun one.

Decorations:  I went really simple.  I made some cute posters and banner.  Then just a black table cloth, purple cups, cute black and white straws, and Descendants paper plates and napkins.  


 Posters Download PDF here.
The .jpeg version is available in my exclusive download file.  You can access it by signing up for my newsletter on the side bar.

Food:  We had for different kids of "magical cookies."  We had Green "Long Live Evil" and "Mal's Purple" potions to drink. (AKA sprite and grape soda with cute labels.)  And of course we made our own magical potion with ice cream and toppings.  Seriously call anything magical or a potion and they will love it.

Easter Egg hunt with a twist:  This turned out to be really fun.  We had 144 eggs it was crazy.  It is done like a traditional egg hunt but when they open their eggs there is a matching game that gives them a chance to win extra prizes.

In each egg there was a piece of candy.  Most also had a picture of a character or something from the movie (I included a page full of pictures you can print below).  1 special one had a magic wand (in the movie the 4 main characters are trying to get the Fairy Godmother's magic wand).
Because we had so many kids and eggs I printed 4 of the page below.  Cut out and add to as many eggs as you can.  Some of our eggs only had candy.  You can always print more or less depending on how many eggs you are hiding.  Only a magic wand to one of the eggs.
After the hunt was over they opened all their eggs to see if they had any matches.  It had to be the exact picture not just character.  Who ever did won a special treat (I had a bag of extra candy-they could pick 2 from).  We had one that had 3 of a kind and they won an extra few pieces of candy.  The person with the magic wand automatically won the grand prize-m&m tube from the Easter section.

Spell Books or Journals.  I wish I had taken more pictures of these.  There were some pretty elaborate ones and the girls LOVED making them.  We used the $.88 composition notebooks (found at walmart).  I set out scrapbook paper, glue, scissors (decorative and regular), washi tape, letter stickers, & mini jewels.

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