Thursday, April 6, 2017

Farmhouse style chicken wire frame

I've been dreaming of making something like this for my Laundry room ever since I saw this Christmas card holder from Lolly Jane.  I have been putting it off for a while because the idea of building a frame made me a little nervous but I finally did it and it wasn't too hard.  
Here's a quick how to and then I'll share some extra tips and details below.
You need:
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*Wood- 1x2's in desired length.
*chicken wire- we found our at a local feed store for a lot less but if you don't have access you can find some here.  We made 2 and still have a lot left.  
*Staples and Staple gun
*paint or stain- I used my favorite color Jacobean by Minwax

1. Cut and stain or paint your wood.  (this can be a straight or angled cuts depending on the look you are going for).
2.  Glue boards together and let dry.
3.  Cut and staple chicken wire to the back of your frame.  Add a few staples to the corners of your frame for a little extra security.
4.  Hang and enjoy!

That's it!   I added a wreath and some cute tiny clothes pins to hang pictures.  You can also use it for cards, printables, whatever you want.

We made a white one for my daughter to hang her art work.

I'm pretty new to woodworking and thought maybe some of you might be too.  Here's a little more detail and some extra building tips.  Like I said I'm pretty new at this so these are a few tips I think might be helpful for a beginner like me.

Building your frame:
You can go the more traditional route with the angled edges like I did for this frame
 Or you can do more of a farmhouse style (which I love!!!) with the straight edges.  This way is much easier.  Straight cuts and you fit it together like the picture below.  I'll have a tutorial for this style soon or you can check out this post for more detail. You just won't be gluing it on a board just the ends of the shorter boards to the sides of the longer boards to create your frame.  (its the same steps as below)
If you are going to do the angled look its really not too bad.  On your miter saw you should see something like this.  Loosen it and move the handle all the way over to the 45 degree mark.
On mine it kind of clicks.  Tighten and cut.  Remember to cut the angle opposite on the other side.  Check out any frame in your house to get a better visual.  Loosen and more to the 45 degree angle on the other side of your saw.  The tricky part is making sure your boards are the same length so they fit together properly.
 To construct your frame Wood Glue is your best friend.  I use this and its strong.  I could leave it as it and I don't think it would come apart.  
put some glue on the end and connect it to your other board.  Be patient and do one corner at at a time.  Let it dry for at least 20 minutes before you do the next side (If its holding okay move to the next one).  Once all corners are connected I let it dry for about 24 hours.  Some people use clamps I didn't need to on this one.

 For a little extra security you can add a couple of staples to the corners.

Attaching chicken wire
This stuff is a little tricky to work with because it comes rolled up.  

Start unrolling it and give your self a little extra on each end.  Cut with wire cutters.  I tried scissors and it worked okay but it was a lot harder. 

Once its in place start stapling.  

I used 1/4" staples and it seemed to hold it pretty secure.

Another tip is to line your wire up right in the center of the line.  

Try differnt angles to keep it secure. Right in the corner works really well too.

Once you are done cut the edges.  YOu do not want to end up with this. Do you see how its left open and will easily slip through the staples.

You want something more like this. If its a little long you can twist the part hanging off so it comes under your frame. 

Once more tip: If you are a little worried about the wire scratching your walls you can put some blue painters tape along the edge where the wire can be sharp.

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