Tuesday, April 18, 2017

C is for Cow Preschool Theme

I have been working on our next preschool preschool pack and lesson plan.  It is so cute and I can't wait to share it with you next week.  So today since I have preschool on my mind here is one of my favorite themes we've done.  (originally posted on our old preschool blog)
C is for Cow

C Cow-I wasn't sure how I was going to pull this off but I knew we had to do something. This is what I came up with and I think it turned out really cute. I cut out a large "C" and a bunch of small "C"s. Aubrey glued the little ones on to the big one to make spots. Next I printed off this template (use the large template 2 at the bottom) for the head and tail. Aubrey colored them and we glued it together.Finger paint cows- This idea came from Preschool playbook. I used her template but copied and pasted in word and sized them to fit 3 on a page. Aubrey used finger paint to give them brown spots. After I cut out some simple shapes and had Aubrey identify them. We used them to build a little barn scene. She loved it.

Clothes Pin Calf- (Idea from here) Now i didn't think this looked that cute but it was something different and I thought it could be fun. I think this was Aubrey's favorite she is still playing with them after 3 days. She practiced her cutting and gluing skills. The clothes pins were a little tricky to paint so I quickly painted them white. The body and head are cut from a paper plate. Aubrey glued spots on and we added an eye, nose, and mouth. Pretty quick.
Cow Puzzle- Aubrey is starting to understand puzzles a little better but still need some practice. I just used free clip art, enlarged it, printed out card stock, and cut into easy pieces. Farm animal Puppets-(used free clip art) Aubrey colored them and I put them together. We used them to act out some books and fun songs (found here).Patterns and Sorting- I used same clip art as above just copied and printed a few extra times. We used them to sort the different animals into piles and then counted them. After we made simple patterns. Aubrey got this a lot better this time! Can you tell she is excited?Cow Mask-Idea from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. She has a lot of cute ones. We just made it from 2 paper plates. I drew a face ( I know I am not an artist) and Aubrey drew "spots." We attached it with tape but I am thinking there has to be a better way. Farm animal Matching and charades- We used a template from 1+1+1=1 (I've been looking but I can't seem to find it now...I'll add the link when I do). I printed off two of each page. I glued the 1 set of baby animals to the file folder and the 2ND set is used as a regular matching game (also glued the tractor and barn from the adult animal page). The 1st set of adult animals is used for matching also-baby animal to the mommy. The 2ND set was cut up and put in a bowl to use for charades. We would draw an animal and make that animals sound and act like the animal...Even Livy likes this game.Our C word File Folder- This week we did it a little different. I had Aubrey go around the house and take a picture of different things that started with the letter C (I helped her hold the camera because she often just takes pictures of her self). We found carpet, chair, crib, computer, candy, crayons, calendar, and car. We printed them off and Aubrey glued them to her folder (These are great for review!).Counting Spots-I made some little cows and put spots on them 1-5. I then printed out the numbers and she had to put the number on the cow with that number of spots. She was concentrating very hard.We used farm animal capsules to make foam animals. I found them at Michael's for $1.Some other activities-(pictured)Lacing, size sequencing, our animal charade cards, and a close up of our counting spots activity. She also colored the letter C with crayons, and colored a picture of a cow. I made a cute dice with a different farm animal on each side. We rolled it and that was the animal we used as we sang Old McDonald. I can't find ours but you can see Katie's from Katie's nesting spot here.

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