Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Homemade Chalk Paint on Laminate Furniture

Do you have some laminate furniture that you are wondering if you can paint?  Well we were given an awesome old set when we got married.  You know the kind that looks like fake wood.  Yeah it's awesome.  I have a tutorial that shows you how I painted the dressers and night stand but I never got around to the headboard until now.  (find it here)

This time I decided to try chalk paint and see how I like it in comparison to the original primer and paint.  I had never tried chalk paint so I wasn't sure what to expect but I seemed to cover well and the best part there was no sanding in the beginning.  It didn't seem quite as smooth but it could have just been me in a hurry.

Here's my before.  Fake wood awesomeness.
 After.  It's so much better!  I love the distressed look.

 Here's the chalk paint mixture I used...(found here).  She has a great tutorial but I would not use the Vaseline part on laminate wood.
Chalk Paint
4tbs plaster of paris
mix with 2 tbs water until smooth.
Add 2 cups of paint and mix well.

Lightly sand to smooth and distress.  It came off really well but with laminate (at least the fake wood) be careful not to go too hard or you can end up with too much showing like this.
 I did not add any wax or anything to seal because this bed is not used a lot.  Its in our play room and used as a guest bed a few times a year and its the perfect spot to read or play.

Do you love chalk paint?  What have you painted with it?  Do you have a favorite homemade paint recipe?  Please share!

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