Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hanging Map (or any printable) Tutorial

I have a really cute, quick, and fun project for you today.  If you didn't have to wait for the paint to dry it would take about 5 minutes.  My favorite thing about this is how versatile it is.  You can use this for any anything...printables, photos, or an awesome map like mine.

Just a quick note...The right edge came unglued as I dragged it to 4 different rooms to try and get a decent picture.  This thing is huge and my camera was not loving the colors so I do apologize for the pictures.  It looks so amazing in person.  I didn't notice the edge bends in until I saw the pictures. It was super easy to fix but I wanted to wait until it was back in place.  Prior to this it has been hanging perfectly and smooth in my little guys room for over a week without any problems.  (I just wanted to let you know so you wouldn't be worried that your print will look bent)

If you want a map you can find some great ones on Amazon or etsy.  I used this print.

The cost of this will really depend on your print you choose and the cost to print it.  So if you use a free printable and can print it at home then its super cheap.  I purchased my print for $9 and then printed it through vista print (posters).  It was less then $20 to shipped and is 22"x28". It was the best option to fit the sizing of my print.  I've had success with them in the past (I'll be sharing one of those projects soon) and this time it turned out well, I would have liked it a little more crisp...not sure if it was the image or the print.  For large prints you can also try places like shutterfly (with a coupon) or even staples engineer prints (super cheap.  I haven't tried them yet but it sounds like people love them).  

So Here's what you need: 
(some affiliate links included)
1x2x8 (also called a furring strip)  you can find these for around $1
paint or stain (I used this one)
hot glue gun and glue
painters tape (option but helpful)

To start you are going to lay your boards across your print.

Measure about 1 to 1 1/2 inches longer then your print and mark.  Do this for the top and bottom.
I for got to take a picture of the next step but you are going to cut your wood, sand, and stain/paint.

Once its dry add a little hot glue and attach your twine.  Start wrapping.  You want to keep this pretty close to the edge.
I went around about 6 times.  Secure with a little glue in the back.
Unravel enough to go across your board plus about 2 inches.  (It doesn't seem like much but I wouldn't go much longer)
Add your glue to secure the other side and start wrapping again.  Secure and cut.
I used painters tape to originally secure my print.  This was just to help keep it from slipping.  Add hot glue across your wood or your print and attach.  If you use the tape you can do this with the print facing up, flip your board up and add the glue...super easy. 
You are now ready to hang.

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