Friday, May 3, 2019

Come Follow Me: Luke 12-17 John 11 (May 6-12)

The chapters for Come Follow Me for May 6-12 are Luke 12-17 and John 11.  There are so many topics you could cover with these chapters.  I chose to focus on The lost sheep, The lost coin, The prodigal son, and The 10 Lepers.  All of the free printables are in one big download at the end of this post.  The ideas below are great for families or primary classes. 

The Lost Sheep-I have two game ideas for you this week.  The first one  you only need one sheep form the printable below.  If you have a stuffed animal or little figure that would work to. Send one person out of the room.  Hide the sheep.  Invite the person back in and play hot and cold while they look for the sheep. 

Second option-Print the page with the bush and the colored sheep.  Give everyone a second to look at all of the sheep and try and memorize the colors.  Have one person or everyone close their eyes.  Hide one of the sheep under the bush.  Have them open their eyes and guess which sheep is missing. 

Extra idea: Print 2 of the colored sheep page on cardstock and use as a match game.

The Lost Coin-Loosing something special can be a big deal to a little kid.  Start by asking if they have ever lost something.  How did they feel?  What did they do?  Did they find it?  If so how did they feel after they found it?  You can also share a time you lost something. They can use the page below to write or draw a story about the time they lost something. 

The 10 Lepers:  Tell the story or watch the video on
I love the idea from this blog to wrap some one up in toilet paper and put sticker dots on them.  I decided to change it just a little by using the spots below.  Print and cut (colored paper would be fun!).  After you have wrapped someone or everyone up with toilet paper tape the stickers to the person.  To remove the dots they need to say one thing they are thankful for.  You can keep them and have them draw or write they thing they were thankful for.  You can have them glue their spots to a piece of paper. 

If you have older kids that can write this is a really fun game.  Have them write 1 thing for each letter of the alphabet they are thankful for.  Have even older kids set a timer.  After have each person read off their list.  They get 1 point for each one that nobody else had.  The person with the most points wins!

This would be a great time to write a thank you card to someone.  Print on cardstock and cut apart.

 Thankful Dice-Print (cardstock recomended). Cut along solid lines.  Fold dotted lines and tape in place.  Take turns rolling the dice and sharing something you are thankful for based on the side you land on.  Another option would be to roll the dice and act out or draw the thing you are grateful for while your family members guess.
 Puppets to retell the story of the Prodigal Son.
Extra idea-you could play this game from one of my old primary lessons if you want to talk about how choosing the right makes us happy.  You can find it in this post.

That's it for this week.  I hope you find something that will help you teach your family.


  1. I am so grateful to you! My family and primary class loves your cute ideas each week. Thank you SO SO much for all your hard work, time and dedication!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I'm so happy they work for you and you are enjoying them :)

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    1. You are welcome! thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and for magnifying your church calling and your calling as a mother. These ideas and printables have changed our families lives and has made come follow me so fun and something the kids look forward too and are excited about each week. You are truly a blessing! Thanks again!!

    1. Oh thank you so much for this very kind comment. It means so much to me when I hear other families are able to use these ideas. I'm so happy I can help:)

  4. You've done it again! Every week I look forward to looking at your latest post and really seeing what ways you have stretched the material to better suit littles. My kids are now so excited to do scriptures and see what game we will be doing , that they have begun making up their own games. Thank you so much for bringing the spirit into our home.

    1. Thank you so much! I love that kids are making up their own games. That's so awesome!