Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Humpty Dumpty Bingo

My kids love to play bingo and it is such a great learning tool.  This time we added a little something extra.  We raced to see if we could get a bingo before Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall (aka the jenga blocks tipped over). 

To play we stacked our jenga blocks and taped a plastic egg to the top.
 Print your bingo boards and cards.  There are 3 sets of cards-print and use the ones that work for the concept you are teaching.  Cards included:capital letters, lower case letters, initial sounds.  Cut the cards apart and stack in a pile.  

 Take turns drawing a card.  Find the letter that matches on your board.  

BUT if you get a humpty dumpty falling card you have to pull a jenga block!
 Set the block aside and keep going.

 Maybe someone will get a bingo
 or maybe humpty dumpty will fall!
 This is a fun game with a lot of learning happening!  

That face when the tower fell still cracks me up :)


  1. Too cute mama!! You are so creative and I love your hands-on fun! You definitely know how to create activities kids will love and learn with!